Seeing for myself

I decided to go and see for myself what the Freedom Challenge was all about so during the long weekend of 16-19 June I set off for Pietermaritzburg with a friend. Glenn Harrisson the single speed legend spent a day in the car guiding us around the first day of the route as we followed Alex Harris on his start day. Glenn is an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience and his insights were both inspirational as well as intimidating. I swore I’d never do such an insane event.

In the following days we followed the route and took some photos to try and capture elements of the race. As an accomplished photographer I was not able to properly show the intricate dynamics of riders, equipment, conditions, geography, history, navigation, people of the route, etc. This was no ordinary mountain bike race, the Freedom Challenge is multi-dimensional and its spirit cannot be captured in print, in audio, in video or in pictures. I left the event with mixed feelings and perhaps even more intrigued than I was before.

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