Mankele Weekend

Day 1. 

Another amazing day at Mankele with Brian & Alwyn! 59km, 1450m


We went up, then down, then up again via one of Livingstone’s undiscovered secret forrest paths … a bundu bashing graspolle tree ducking spider web bashing kinda path sweating like bush pigs.

Then our navigator took control and promptly took us down a ravine with loose slate, overly aggressive bush branches and no path at all, so we hiked the bikes. Brilliant!

We climbed a lot but Mankele rewards every vertical meter gained with superb single-track and thrilling downhills!

We are now tired and hungry but we can’t stop smiling! So incredibly blessed & grateful to be able to enjoy this privilege. Happy times!

Day 2.

Another super Mankele day. Really a very special place, hard riding on the long routes with tough climbs, thrilling downhills and amazing views, yet lots of fun available on shorter routes. Mountain biking paradise!

Our ride today started off with an oops as Brian was attacked by a collection of tree roots that had him perform an endo complete with a double twist and tuck roll and then his handle bars tried to penetrate his pectoral muscles, leaving him rather disabled. Get well soon Brian … the bike is ok .

The adrenaline rush was like fuel to Alwyn’s fire and from there on things got tough, ever the gentlemen he paced me up and down the mountains, ignoring heavy breathing, cries of agony and begging for more picnic stops. Another superb day of amazing trials at Mankele!

Thank you Mankele! WE’LL BE BACK!


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