Abba Baba

This morning while out riding under the moon my shadow reminded me of African mothers who carry their babies on their backs wrapped in warm blankets. I probably look just like that with my backpack. Abba Baba.

Riding with a backpack takes some getting used to. I started off with 3kgs and have gradually increased to 7kg, which is about where I’m aiming for with a further 2-3kg on the frame.

I’ll be riding with a Wingnut Adventure bag which was a gift from a friend, Nicolaas Vlok, from the US. My favourite features are the ability to position the pack low on the back by releasing the shoulder straps, the easy separate access to the bladder and the wrap around waist belt with large storage pockets.

Wing Nut Adventure Pack
22oz, 623 grams
1600 cu in, 26.2 Liter




One thought on “Abba Baba

  1. Very interesting to see all your gear. would also like to see the type of clothes you’re planning to take. I find it very interesting how bags, shoes, clothing evolves over the years

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