Magalies Monster Race Report

– There’s good reason why its called a monster. The many jeep track climbs with loose rocks & graspolle was pretty much as hard as I had expected. Its a tough race on both body & mind.
– The reward is often as big as the challenge and it is so with the Monster. Great feeling to have finished.
– My pre-race nerves made way for intimidation when “us” 26er folk were outnumbered 10:1 by 29ers. We will soon be categorized with freaks on single speeds, fat tyres and rigid forks.
– Chilly morning but I ascribed that to my Olympic athlete body fat level of 23% .
– It appeared that I had forgotten to pack my legs. My legs died at 3km and it was a mental race from there as what must have been the complete field passed me by 20km. Lucky for me I had the strong head with me today, turns out I actually enjoyed the outing.
– Breedtsnek down is always a treat but maybe I watched my speed too much as somewhere on the way down I lost my only waterbottle.
– With only water points as alternative DOOD & cramps were inevitable (Delay Onset Of Dehydration). Fortunately the cramps held off till the last 15km with one big bite almost jerking me off the bike.
– I lost 3kg in body weight from dehydration today. Surprised how well my body coped with this given that I am normally quite a disciplined drinker & eater.
– Also great to bump into friends Sean Badenhorst & Dino Lloyd from Tread Magazine!
– Lastly as always, what a blessing to be able to ride our bikes and in such beautiful surrounds. Get on your bikes and ride!

Magalies Monster

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