Backpack or Saddle Bag

Everyone has their own preference for various reasons so I guess there’s no better or worse. I am splitting between the two and will be using a Revelate Pika saddle bag in addition to the Wingnut Adventure backpack.

The backpack carries items I may need while riding such as food, day clothes, first aid kit, bike tools. The saddle bag is for stowage of night clothes, shell layer, bike spares, bathroom & chargers bag.

My primary driver is to get weight off my neck and back side due to long saddle hours.


revelate-7-2 revelate-7-1


1 thought on “Backpack or Saddle Bag

  1. Interesting. Everyone has a strategy of sorts. I have saddle bag for tools and spares, bag on cross bar for food. Backpack for the rest.

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