Nerves and Last Minute Stuff

I have done probably 100’s of races of various kinds over the years but on the eve of driving down to Pietermaritzburg the nerves are tugging. Perhaps its all the war talk by the blanket bearers and whip carriers about wrong routes, getting lost in the dark and big climbs, do we portage the Umko or ride around, maybe its the cold weather and pictures of snow on the route.

Maybe its the last minute details, my Goretex shoes got lost from the UK so its normal MTB shoes for me, bit disappointing. Maybe its only having a single bike computer, maybe not having a two-stage valve in the spare tube. Maybe I’m just like an ou tannie met n nat broek!

For now its time to settle, shake off work mode, clear the head and sit back to enjoy the opportunity, life is an adventure after all, we cant get everything perfect every time so sometimes we just need to breathe in and smell the roses.

Tomorrow we start a fresh day, with no nerves!

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