Awesome Group

Groups are informal and form for purpose rather than by arrangement. We had a super group that formed informally and whilst it started off for a practical purpose of following GPS Dave for navigation, the group ended up sticking together for a common purpose with laughter and fun the bonding purpose.

Kevin: Fascinating stories and legendary long distance rider and journalist, racing snake who showed us what can be done.

GPS Dave: Our informal group leader, pin sharp navigator, blanket bearer, strong rider. He saved us hours every day.

Dawn: Always a smile, always chirping and friendly, just got stronger every day.

Jonathan: Strong as an ox, always friendly and caring, got the only puncture of the trip while carrying his bike.

Janine: Perhaps the strongest rider in the group, cannot ride behind another wheel, if you try and sneak ahead, she will get you, the quiet smile hides a very strong mind.

Brad: The party animal of the group, great sense of humour, always a witty comment, very strong on the hills, made the journey very enjoyable for us all.

Nicci: Diminutive in stature, a power house on the bike and hike, like a metronome, never stops, picks up and carries her bike like its a feather.

Rowan: Always strong with a smile, great sense of humour, hiked his bike up Lehana faster than most can run!

Leon: What an inspiring man! Celebrating retirement by riding his bike to Cape Town, always a smile and oozes energy no matter how adverse the conditions. Great example!

Johan: Silent but strong, hung in when the going was tough, no doubt he’ll get to Cape Town!

Niven: Great guy who makes friends wherever he goes, rode probably the heaviest bike around yet stuck in there to make it to the finish with a smile. Gained a lot of respect from us all.

A big thank you to everyone who crossed my path, we struggled together and we laughed together and made memories that will last a lifetime.


1 thought on “Awesome Group

  1. Good job you don’t have Richard Edwards with you.
    Never stops talking. Up, down and on the flats.
    Enjoy guys huge respect, wish I was there!

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