Hiking or MTB Shoes?

My planning for R2R had gone very much according to plan other than my shoes. I wanted to use a pair of Shimano MT71 Goretex hiking MTB shoes (wind and waterproof and walking friendly) but challenges with delivery from Evans Cycles meant I had to use my el cheapo Sportmans Warehouse Olympic MTB shoes, also referred to as “ballet shoes” on social media. The pair is about 4 years old and has been surprising good value for money.

I wore Sealskinz socks to make up for the lack of water and wind proofing and that was sufficient, in worse weather I may have experienced a touch of discomfort.

As for walking, hiking and climbing, well as you may have guessed, they are pretty dangerous to say the least, yet somehow they went everywhere and to be very honest I expected to have a few nasty’s on slippery rocks, none of which materialized. I was however very careful and would not recommend this option. I had to walk like a duck up Lehana’s, my heels stopped just short of quacking though.

There are some good options out there, ask around, do some homework, get decent hiking type MTB shoes. Mine are retiring now.



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