Kyalami and Porsche

First Kyalami. As most will know by now Kyalami was sold yesterday. Never been a over the top motorsport fan but the thought that Gauteng and South Africa could lose an iconic sporting value felt materially wrong. Everything about it oozes positive energy, it and we are deserving of its survival.

Now Porcshe. Never really been a big Porsche fan, no good reason, just never really appealed to me. Porsche SA buying Kyalami yesterday to ensure its survival nay yet prove to be an inspired move, they did it out of passion, it wont make business sense. I respect and admire passion. As passion is contagious, I want to position myself where passion is, I like that energy.

Porsche, you now have one more fan. Now repeat after me … 911, Carrera, Turbo.

1 thought on “Kyalami and Porsche

  1. And now the Q5 can go for a decent drive around the track! Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, … ring a bell … Carrera S …

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