Northern Farms Surprise

My weekly riding habit during Winter 2014 by chance seemed to have evolved into a pattern of Sunday Bike Parks. There are now so many in Gauteng I fear I may not get to them all before Spring. I haven’t been to Northern Farms for a while and I have always enjoyed the routes, so it was time again.

The routes are really well marked for the various distances and I had no problem finding my way. I decided to do the full Black route, every inch of it. I really enjoyed how they have made little technical detours in between the other riding, nice little challenges in between fast flowing single track. 50km of single track, if I had more time I would have gone round again. What a lovely surprise to have so much fun when I expected a mundane ride on the old style routes. Kudos to the team! Off course a highlight is always the post-ride recovery meal, bike wash facilities and finding your car where you had left it.

I thought that by starting early I wouldn’t see all that many riders out there. It’s relevant you see as I have issues, the kind that turn any rider in front of me into a target that I have to chase, like a dog does a car. It’s difficult to explain or understand, it’s just how it is. I don’t catch many but it’s never stopped me chasing. Us kids! The relevance here is that I chased down the first 2 or 3 riders I saw and patted myself on the proverbial back, thinking that’s it, now I’ll be alone and quietly ride on my own, enjoying myself. To my surprise Northern Farms had become so popular that a fresh “target” was presented around every corner and two hours later, I was still chasing targets. What fun this turned out to be. My compliments to the team for crafting so much great riding from a stunning piece of land. I can’t wait to get back … and use the excuse of chasing targets to ramp up the fun-o-meter.

Northern Farms scores high in my book. Strongly recommended.


Northern Farms Full Black Loop



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