Wines2Whales Day 2

– I don’t know how far it was or how long it took. No watch today. It was between 4-5 hours, there were clouds when we started & the sun was above when we finished.
– Beautiful day, breathless, short on descriptives!
– Overnight rain “softened” up the mud so it was a slippery day.
– Single track. 70% of 67km was single track, perfect single track!
– Berms. Lots of berms! Small ones, big ones, fast ones and frightening fast ones. Brilliant!
– Bridges. Most bridges ever, exiting into big berms, then more bridges, simply incredible. So much effort. Much appreciated by all.
– Sections with names! Pufadder, Amphitheatre, Boomslang.
– Tight switch backs, down hill & even uphill, tests every bike skill in the book.
– W2W is a truly world class event with some of the best mountain biking & scenery you will ever see!
– Daddy, please can I stay another 3 days?


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