Rain, mud, hills, FUN!

Every once in a while a ride exceeds expectations and turns into a classic. Today was one of those!
4:30 Bertus & Carl: Its raining outside, lets wait till it clears.
14:00 Bertus: Its still raining, stuff this, lets go ride.
14:01 Carl: See you in 30.

– The sandy roads of the Southcoast are perfect for rain rides, sandy kind of mud, splash on, splash off. So one can just relax, ride & have fun.
– … and so we did! We smiled a lot, we repeatedly wiped our glasses, we smiled more, the mud dried onto our eye lids and grind between our teeth and dirtied bikes & clothes.
– We saw amazing sights with spectacular views in the mist clouds, rode through streaming water, sounds of people cheering, kids ran with us and dogs barked along.
– We were soaked, properly wet, dirty everywhere and people looked at with surprise, probably thinking we are unwell. We just smiled more!
– You know the mud got in everywhere when you have to rinse your mouth multiple times & then check in the mirror to make sure you don’t have a gap smile.
– The recovery meal of pancake, syrup & rum & raisin ice cream ended a perfect ride!
– Oh yes, we climbed 1200m over 40km, our legs hurt & we sweated like pigs … but who cares.






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