New Shoes and Shin Splints

Four weeks to Race to Cradock.

Cycling training has gone well, I think I’ll make Day One to Slaapkrantz. So with that settled, I’ve started paying attention to a few loose ends, ie shoes and portaging.

I’ve been through two pairs of Shimanos. The MT71’s got here by online order too small and then the MT44’s caught on the seat stay during pedal action. I have now settled on a pair of Specialized Rime Elites. Saw my friend Ernst hike these up the Magaliesberg like he was trail running. The fit is still settling but they feel fine on my feet. Holding thumbs!

The few portages I’ve done the last few weeks I realized … again … my weakness when on my feet, so this week, better late than never, the hiking started. My shins are protesting now, more so than the rest of my anatomy, which appears to be making peace with saddle time. Guess the dog is in for a treat the next fee weeks, lots of walks coming up!


3 thoughts on “New Shoes and Shin Splints

  1. Hi Carl. Did you use the Rime Elite’s for R2Cradock.If so how were they. My Giro shoes killed me. Specilized have always fitted me well and was hoping to get some of these. Regards
    Ray Sephton.

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