The Significance of the Windpomp

It is tradition with the Freedom Challenge Events that there is no medal and no prize money. There is however a very special finishers gift.

  • For Freedom Challenge RASA (all the way to Cape Town) – A Traditional Blanket. Perhaps the most coveted mountain biking trophy in the world.
  • For Race to Rhodes – A Traditional Shepard’s Whip.
  • For the inaugural Race to Cradock it was unveiled to be a Windpomp (Windmill in English).

Race to Cradock traverses the Stormberg section of the Freedom Trail. It crosses multiple sheep, cattle and game farms with resulting crossing of fences and gates. What really grabs the attention though is the arid conditions and the dependency on water as a precious resource. The windpomp is a key feature of the landscape and symbolizes an oasis for animals as much as it does for Freedom riders. What made this windpomp so special is that each rider’s trophy had a special personalized race plate attached. A nice touch to round off a special experience.

Long live the windpomp!

2 thoughts on “The Significance of the Windpomp

  1. Thanks for the race report! I rode RASA in 2014 and will be back in 2015. I was following R2C with much envy as I can’t wait to get back out there. Well done on an impressive finish!

    I met Coen during RASA last year and we ended up together in Stettyns. I liked his no-nonsense attitude and willingness to do the necessary work. You definitely had good luck in being able too hook up with him as a riding partner.

    Congrats on the Windpomp. When are you coming back for a blanket?

    – Liehann

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