I have Freedom Trail FOMO

#Freedom Trail (A trail where you make ever lasting friends and get to know yourself intimately)

#FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

In the beginning of 2015 it was not my specific intention to be at Race 2 Rhodes on the Freedom Trail in June. Then in March 2015 I had such an amazing Race to Cradock experience that I could not resist entering Race 2 Rhodes again. I only discovered over the past 12 months or so an ability to be able to ride my bicycle for long hours on end and somehow still find enjoyment in that, rather bizarre I but I accept it for what it is. So I had some big ambitions for Race 2 Rhodes, not with regard to time or position as I don’t care too much about that, but to try and see how far I could push myself, inspired by many Freedom Challenge heros that have showed the way. Unfortunately timing has not worked out and I won’t be at the race come June.

I have peace but I am sad.

Too console myself I have deliberately avoided the Freedom Challenge website, Facebook page and Twitter List … up to today … and I am today overcome by a severe sense of FOMO. Whilst I have only done two races on the trail, it leaves a deep impression of incredible special memories. I have made many friends through the Freedom Challenge, several of whom I have met and have ridden with and in this age of social media, many whom I have never and may never even meet. Many of these friends will be on the trail from tomorrow for the next 4 weeks. I have tried the avoidance or ignore technique and it has not worked. So from tomorrow I will be tracking every movement on the trail, absorbing every Tweet and every message that makes it into my online world.

To all my friends and not yet friends who will be riding on the Freedom Trail in June 2015, I wish you only the very best of times, be safe, enjoy the incredible journey you will be undertaking and bring back amazing memories. God bless.

PS: If you read this and you also want FOMO then go and visit the Freedom Challenge website at http://www.freedomchallenge.org.za.

2 thoughts on “I have Freedom Trail FOMO

  1. You are not alone Carl. This is the first June in years that we won’t be participating in some form on the trail.

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