Race Sweeping with CHOC Cows

Doing race sweeps for the CHOC Cows helps to combine my passion for mountain biking with an attempt to do make a small contribution to the lives of children with cancer. I get to enjoy privileges they don’t and that has not escaped me. We ride at the back of the field in cow suits helping fellow riders with mechanical problems, feeding them hydration and nutrition and often just moral support. We recently swept the Van Gaalen 100km Ultra and Mabalingwe Marathon, both times riding in with the last riders and at Mabalingwe riding most of the route in 25C with a winter fleece cow print onzie.

I feel blessed to be able to perform this function in a scorching hot cow suit so if you want to show your support, please visit the GivenGain site and help make a difference for the CHOC kids.


11745398_10153460908233582_7522629159072950443_n (1) 11698612_10153392087557856_8762434802787828844_n

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