Pembi Ride to Mpumalanga

– Yoh! I am typing this note with my hands cause my legs are finished!
– What an epic morning this was, I think this one will be spoken about by many for some time to come.
– Close to 50 riders pitched at Pembi HQ (Hazeldean Square) for another interesting Pembi ride, this time to go tag the Mpumalanga Border, a +- 100km round trip.
– The group split into 2 groups, one aiming to do 116km and average around 23km/h and the other 104km at 18-20km/h. The weather was perfect, the scene was set.
– The pace of group 1 was hot from the beginning, most of us knew this was going to hurt. We ended up with an average for the 110km ride of just over 24km/h. It seems group 2 averaged just over 20km/h. Both groups going faster than expected, quite something of you think that it is quite tricky to manage groups of such sizes. Kudos to everyone, clearly Pembis know how to ride together.
– A few highlights:
– Very special when both groups arrived at the Mpumalanga border at exactly the same moment, the faster group having taken a 12km longer route. A pic of my GPS track below shows the special moment we crossed the border.
– Thanks Sylvia Du Raan for leading the group 2 ride.
– Special mention to Henk Bakker who was sweeper for group 1. Thank you Henk, you did an awesome job! Same off course to the group 2 sweepers.
– Also a special word to Jaco Ferreira who could have rode a double loop in the same time, he helped pull the bunch in the wind and then turned back at T-junction to guide the sweeper group in. Classy. Thanks Jaco.
– A big congratulations to everyone to completed this ride today, it was an epic and pretty hard work. Also one I will remember for a long time. If it was your first century ride, well done, you are a rock star.
– Today we rode to Mpumalanga and back!
– Now treat yourself to a cold beer and get your feet up, your body deserves it!

Pembi: Pretoria East MTB (

Tagging the Gauteng/Mpumalanga Border

Tagging the Gauteng/Mpumalanga Border

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