The Dots are Moving

It’s 1 June 2016. The Freedom Challenge “Winter Series” of events started today, Batch 1 is on the trail and the challenge has become very real for the 120 or so riders that will head down the trail this season. For those scheduled in the remaining 12 batches, hand palms are just that extra bit more sweaty, hearts are beating a bit faster and the stomach has turned a touch. The dots are moving. The time has come.

The dots refer to dots on the tracking system associated with the individual riders. Unlike many other events, each rider is tracked, primarily for safety reasons and secondarily for family and friends to monitor progress. In an unintended consequence, the dots at times also become a source for entertainment value. You see, once your dot is showing, your trials and tribulations are exposed to all, you soft inner belly is exposed, your mistakes are there for all to be seen as is your progress, there is no hiding. The stories of trail deviations have become part of the legend and the DNA of the trail.

Enthusiasts will spend hours checking progress, making notes on route options and analyzing progress and developing strategies. Family and friends will check in to see how their favorites are progressing and to make sure they are at least still moving. It gives a warm feeling knowing your rider is still ok out in the chilly bundus before you head out for a Mugg and Bean Cappuccino yourself.

So for the next few weeks, eyeballs will be glued to computer screens all over as supporters enjoy the action from the trail.

Gladiators, are you ready?

Spectators, are you ready?

The dots are moving!

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