I am a Corporate Strategist, Turnaround Leader, Business Owner, Mountain Biker, Hydroponics Grower. Always up for an adventure, down to earth kinda person. By day I work, by night I dream.

In 2010 the meniscus if my right knee was removed and signaled the end of 35 years of running, fortunately I still had cycling, specifically mountain biking.

In 2011 the C6/7 disc in my neck burst and the MRI showed up 3 herniated discs C4-7. In a double fusion procedure C5-7 discs were removed and fused. I was advised to stop mountain biking. It was a traumatic experience to say the least and the first 100m I walked felt like the greatest gift ever. I now celebrate life, opportunity and blessings. We can lose our privileges in an instant. I am forever grateful.

I did Race to Rhodes in 2014 at touring pace, ie 6 days, for various reasons, some philosophical, some simply practical. There are many other like me but there are some who are very serious, whether to grab the record, to win or to beat a personal best. They were the serious ones and they have my support and respect. In following years I started riding a bit longer days but in 2014 and ever since I celebrate life and opportunity!

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