R2R Kit List


General Clothes Bike Spares Box spares
Backpack (25-30L) Cycle shoes (Shimano MT71 Goretex) Spokes (x4) Batteries (li-on)
Backpack cover 2nd shoes? Duct tape (3m) Chain lube
Reservoir/bottles Toe covers Cable ties Stans
Headlamp Socks (2pr) Tyre? Shower gel
Bikelight Sealskin socks (thick mid-length blue) Brake pads (x2) Toothbrush/paste
Helmet Leg Warmers (Spandex) Multi tool Anti-inflammatories
Pump Long tights Lube & rag Hand warmers
Compass Thermal tigthts (Helly Hansen) Plugs Lube & rag
Map Case/ziplocks Waterproof pants Patches Anti Chafe
Leatherman (mini) Cycle shorts (2) Tyre boot Laces
Lighter Running shorts Gear cable Bombs
First Aid Kit T-shirt Power link (x2) Socks
Space blanket Cycle top 10cm of chain Suncream
Go Pro Base layer (Helly Hansen) Drop out
Toothbrush Lightweight Fleece Top Bombs
Toothpaste Lightweight Shell (Wind) Spare valve Box Food
Soap Waterproof Jacket (Rain) Tube (slime) Energy drink
Lip -ice Riding gloves Cluster tools? Perpetuem
Sun cream Sealskin Gloves Map board spares? Pro-nutro
Anti Chafe Ski gloves Laughing cow
Watch -altimeter Arm warmers Mudguard (front) Crackers
Gas stove/Esbit Balaclava Plastic shopping bags (emergency isolation) Cappuccino sticks?
Chargers (Light, headlamp, iPhone) Buff (x2) Nougat
Phone Baggies (Indola shorts) Chocolate
Camera Surgical gloves Biltong/droewors
Saddle bag (Revelate) Energy bars
Map board Jellies
Tracker Nuts
Cash (R1,000)
First Aid Kit
Gauze Anti-inflamatories (Cataflam) Hydration salts
Strapping Pain killers (Panado/Myprodol) Space blanket
Bandage Anti-histamine (cream and tabs) Hand warmers
Plasters Anti-septic (bactroban/detol) Lighter/matches
Alcohol rubs Anti-diarrheals (Imodium) Water purification tabs
Adhesive tape General anti-biotic (refer to Dr) Personal meds
Charger Bag
Charger bag Day clothes
Chargers Night clothes
Toilet paper
Spare AA/AAA batteries

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