Day 3. Tricky Navigation

Ntsikeni to Masakala (via Glenn Edward)
96km, 1635m ascent
Depart: 4h00
Arrive: 15h00

Day 3 has two tricky sections, the first 20km out of Ntsikeni Reserve over Politique Kraal and the second  the three schools section between the watershed and Prospect School. This was also the day a very angry wind started showing its hand.

We left in below Celsius conditions to get a head start for a long day and to hit the tricky fence section at dawn. All went well and it was quite an amazing experience breaking ice on the ground in -3C as we rode over “perfectly manicured” graspolle, they really need to put bigger shoes on cattle in these areas so the paths can be a bit wider and visible!

The soup at Glenn Edward is legendary, more like a stew, in fact more like a pasta vegetable soup dish with some delicious home made bread and biscuits. Note for future riders, allow enough time at this stop to feed all your cravings.

From Glenn Edward the wind picked up and it was a brawl all the way to Masakala. We made good time through the schools sections and arrived to an ever friendly Masakala staff. The hot shower was a winner!

I haven’t mentioned it yet but one of the highlights every day is arriving at the support station looking forward to your pre-packed and pre-posted 2 litre ice cream tub like a child does to a luck packet. It’s not like you don’t know what’s in there … yet one opens it with an expectation like it’s the biggest surprise ever! How bizarre we are, the more we grow up, the more we remain like kids and why not!

Another tough day in the saddle and on the feet but it was the easier of the 3 days so far. Tomorrow we do an “easy” day to Ongeluksnek, if there is such a thing on the Freedom Challenge route.