Two litre boxes


Race to Rhodes is an unsupported race but participants are allowed to ship a 2 liter container ahead to one of the Support Stations (5 of them between Pietermaritzburg and Rhodes). It is quite an effort to work out what nutrition will be required when and for a novice with no idea what to expect I have probably over-catered in this regard. Seasoned riders have been known to send no boxes ahead, they raid unused boxes from earlier riders which is allowed under the rules. My 5 race boxes were shipped to Cape Town by Aramex this week. The race is getting very real now!

The below images show my approach. Each container contains the following:

  • Evening food: Recovery food and spoil snacks.
  • Day food: Food for the following day while riding.
  • Maps: Maps for the following day (I almost got this wrong & added maps in wrong boxes :-))
  • Hygiene: Cleaning the body (I don’t have much of this).
  • Bike care: I have none of this, carrying what I need in the backpack. Longer distance riders often leave a spare chain at around 1000 km.

Day Food

IMG_4575 (Medium)Night FoodIMG_4573 (Medium)
Boxes PackedIMG_4576 (Medium)

Boxes Ready to ship

IMG_4579 (Medium)