Shout out to Time Pedals and Cycling J&J

A few years back my Shimano SPD 520 pedals had become rather finished. For those that know me as a difficult “replacer”, this generally means they would have exceeded the manufacturer’s recommended life. My local bike shop (LBS) was rather firm in its belief of Time pedals, so I succumbed. I have not been disappointed. I know they are good friends with the distributors but in this instance the advice, albeit perhaps a touch biased, was sound. Thank you.

So in line with the above “finished” scenario … it happened again last week that my Time pedals had surprisingly become overdue for a repair appointment. Upon enquiry to a very helpful Sybrie at Cycling J&J, I drove over to hand in my very used pedals for repair. Sybrie immediately diagnosed a need for open heart surgery and promptly made me an offer I could not refuse to rather perform a transplant than a repair. A big shout out to Sybrie at Cycling J&J who helped me to get back onto my favourite Time pedals for another year or five :-).